Top 3 Reasons To Use Intraoral Cameras


Gone were the days whereas a dentist you can simply tell your patients what was wrong and what you need to do to fix their dental woes. Today, thanks to the rise in technology, patients do a quick Google search and come to the office with their solutions, even if they don’t really understand the issue. As a dentist, this can be challenging. Thankfully, technology has also provided an answer: the dental intraoral camera.

These are the top 3 reasons why all modern day dentists should invest in an intraoral camera:

Reason #1: Better Diagnosis And Treatment Plan

A dental camera allows both the dentist and the patient to closely monitor the progress being made with every treatment. Images are an important part of every patient’s dental records. What was once simply a set of x-rays that most patients cannot understand are now photos in full-color and from every angle that gives patients a rare opportunity to see their teeth from another point of view.

Reason #2: Heighten Patient Education

As mentioned before, patients tend to diagnose themselves after a quick Google search which can lead to a lot of problems. With the use of the dental intraoral camera, they themselves can see their mouth, gums, and teeth and get a clearer picture of their dental health problems. After seeing the state of their oral health patients will become more informed and even ask questions about what is wrong and how they can improve their dental hygiene.

A small sneak peek into a patient’s mouth can make a big impact on how well they care for their teeth and gums after just one visit to your office.

Reason #3: Case Acceptance

Many dental patients are reluctant to accept the word of their dentist when it comes to treatment. It is very common for patients to refuse any kind of treatment because “there is no pain so it is unnecessary”. With dental photography, this will all change because they will see for themselves that there is something wrong, even if they don’t feel it yet. Even in dental diagnosis, seeing is believing.

As soon as they have accepted that there is something wrong, your job as a dentist is to provide the best treatment possible.

Dental Cameras Are A Must

All dental practices today will benefit greatly from investing in a dental camera. Patients will feel more comfortable and trust a dentist who shows them what is happening inside their mouth and dentists will be able to start treatment long before the case turns for the worse.