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Dr. Adam Fox, DMD - Oregon

I’ve been a long time customer and have enjoyed your wonderful Customer Service since day one.
The seamless integration with EagleSoft’s Advanced Imagining [sic] is why I decided to go with Lensiora and their great technical and customer support is why I keep coming back.


Dr. Josh Slatkoff, DMD

The new camera is Phenomenal!!!
Thank you so much for Amazing attention and customer service.
Lensiora is the Best Company with the Best Cameras.


Dr Stephen McCrea BDS - Australia

I would love to leave a glowing testimonial for Lensiora and in particular the help I received from Larry and the software developers. The support integrating and simplifying with my software has been absolutely outstanding.  The Lensiora camera is simple and easy which is all I ever wanted.

I cannot be happier and could not recommend more highly.

Steve McCrea
Ellen St Dental
NSW Australia


Dr. Bill Argersinger - Durham, NC

As a general dentist who was once an engineer for a HW/SW company I appreciate more than most all the hard work and excellent features that have been implemented into the Lensiora camera.  Of particular importance are the details of the ‘dentist use model’ where Larry and the designers at Lensiora have implemented and reduced the number of button presses and clicks and movements to achieve our goal:  showing the patient the issue of concern quickly.

IO Cameras can be found cheaper out there but none have this level of perfect integration with dental and radiograph software.  A+ engineering and well thought out design.

Dr. Bill Argersinger – https://durhamdds.com/

Narcisa Dobrescu DDS - Laguna Hills, CA

I have Lensiora cameras in each of my operatories and I could not be happier. They were purchased and installed by the previous owner I bought the office from.

For the past 7 years, they have been used daily and they still work great! When I needed support after I bought new computers, they connected remotely and helped me set them up quickly in order to integrate with Dexis. The best part, even after 7 years and a different owner, technical support was still free!

I highly recommend Lensiora (the product) as well as their staff! Thank you!


Neal W Rogol, DMD - South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Technical support was excellent!!
Issues were resolved quickly, and the representative was extremely courteous.


Dr Adrian R Freedman, BDSc LDS – Melbourne Australia

The Lensiora Intra Oral camera is easily the best I have used in the last 20 years. Lightweight, well-engineered, easy to use, software supplied allows either integration with any TWAIN aware application, or stand alone with easy to use LensioraSave software. Image quality is excellent.

Customer and technical support outstanding to the point of developing and installing remotely, new firmware into our camera to meet our specific needs. In 40 years of practice I am unaware of any other supplier that provides this level of service. Would recommend the camera based on the customer service alone. Excellent product and support.


Dr. James Barnum, DMD - Milwaukie, Oregon

I ordered two Lensiora intraoral cameras and am very pleased. I paid for expedited shipping and received them in 48 hours!

Installation was super easy on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and I use VixWin for my imaging software. The pictures integrate seamlessly into the program.

The first 6 years of my practice I used an intraoral camera, which boosts patient trust and acceptance, however, when Win XP went down so did my cameras. I am so excited to have my hygienist and myself using this awesome diagnostic tool!

Thank you Lensiora team!


Lucian Vatafu DDS, Newington, CT – Dentrix Image user

I have been using Lensiora since they were called EasyClickCam and I can recommend them wholeheartedly. They are very easy to install and even easier to operate.

I don’t have to use the mouse anymore, as it integrates seamlessly with Dentrix and Dexis to the point where I can start an exam straight from the Dentrix Patient Chart view.

The camera button will open Dexis and start a new exam without me having to use the keyboard or mouse.

I’ve been using them for years and I am extremely pleased with my choice.


Arthur O. Lyford, DMD – Hollis, NH – TigerView/Gendex user

The cameras perform perfectly but most important of all your support is unparalleled. Every time I have called, without hesitation you have “lived in” and not only resolved any issue, but taught me something new! Your understanding of both Tigerview and Vixwin is phenomenal, even the latest updates of both. Use me as a reference any time…and thanks so much.

Arthur O. Lyford, DMD
Hollis, NH


Dorina Nicula DDS, Laguna Hills, CA – Eaglesoft user

It’s a breeze to install and I’ve never seen a camera with such high quality. It feels like something from the future compared to some of the clunky alternatives out there.”


Dr. Lewis Specker, San Francisco – Dexis user

As a digital photography enthusiast and after testing many brands of intraoral cameras over the years, I can say with certitude that the color capture and autofocus is better than any of the other cameras that I have had.
What we like about it is that is easy to attach to my Dexis, is lightweight and it has a good tactile feel for its buttons.
We have several other Intraoral cameras in my office but everyone wants to use the Lensiora as their first choice.


Heather Weber DDS, Portland

Our office is extremely happy with Lensiora. It was recommended to me at a weekend CE training by a dentist who had done extensive research on Digital USB IO Cameras, he spoke highly of it. We had two fiberoptic Gendex Cameras.

When one went out, it was a $5,000 replacement. Also, other cameras offered by our Supply Rep were $2,000+ per camera. We were very skeptical to change to USB and with the cost difference, likely a difference in quality…. WRONG. Same, great quality. We bought 5, one for each op. We run it with Daisy Software. It is easy to install, very user friendly and we love having them in each op.

After one year, one camera had a connection problem with the light that flickered. ClickCam Support was quick, receptive, and immediately sent a new camera. I have recommended this brand to several colleagues that have been impressed.


Orest Frangopol, DDS, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – Eaglesoft user

A colleague introduced me to Lensiora, and I have to say that I’ll never use another intraoral camera. The name suits it perfectly. Easy!


Adrian Buca DDS, Oakhurst, CA – Apteryx user

This camera has way better quality than a camera that cost me $5000! It’s just crazy. I’ve installed an Lensiora intraoral camera in every one of my rooms. It’s just that good!


Frank Giovannone DDS, Utica, New York – Dexis user

After practicing for nearly 30 years it’s nice to deal with a vendor who responds fast and thoroughly to your questions. I’ve been studying cameras for a while now and Lensiora is the only company that responded to my questions about their product.

And when I called their support team, they answered all my questions and actually showed me how to improve my Dexis software.

So much so that I decided to order several more cameras from them. We are an advanced office technologically. We make decisions to purchase products only if there is a demonstrable return on investment. I’m confident that Lensiora will back up their product …after the sale!


Cris Durghinescu DDS, Hawthorne, CA – Eaglesoft user

I can’t believe how much better this camera is than any I’ve ever tried! Not sure how it’s done, but I’m sure glad I’ve found it. Next step: get one in every room!


Ralph Gagliani, DDS, San Diego, CA

Wow Lensiora is GREAT! Easy to integrate with our computer systems. Easy to take and view pictures. I LOVE it.

I’ ve been using introral cameras since 1994. Cameras these days are so simple but most are just plain non repairable if something goes wrong with them. This really is no problem with what an Lensiora costs compared to the other brands.

I have one for each room. Thanks Lensiora!


Yaser John Wehbe, DMD, Middleboro, MA – Eaglesoft user

Lensiora camera is awesome, it is by far the best quality picture of an intraoral camera I have ever worked with!
It’s very easy to integrate to Eaglesoft and easy to work with.

I highly recommend it for it’s simplicity and image clarity!


Craig A Duncan, DDS, Algonquin, IL

After using many other intraoral cameras, my IT tech suggested Lensiora camera.
Easy to install, and easy for all my staff to use. So much, I just purchased my second camera.


Marjorie Lachapelle, Boucherville, Quebec

I just want to say that its not easy to find a company that REALLY cares about their users, and takes the time to do the follow ups on their products. They were always there to answer all our questions and even talk to our technician until to make sure everything was working well. They really are different from all the other companies I have worked with, they have all my respect. I cannot wait to see their new products!


Michael L. Rudolph, DDS – Indiana

Thanks for all of your efforts and for your excellent, friendly customer service. As you know, I purchased two of your wonderful intraoral cameras this past fall and they performed so well, that we purchased two more this past month so we could have one for each of our four hygienists.

Patients love that they can see the conditions in their mouth, they understand better, so they are accepting much more treatment than before we began using your cameras.

Thank you again for your outstanding customer service and for offering your excellent products to our profession.


Steven Wonderlich, DMD, Honolulu, HI – Eaglesoft user

Lensiora dental intraoral camera is a very affordable entry level camera which also has HD resolution capability. It is easy to use and integration with existing imaging software is excellent. Product support also has been excellent.

Images courtesy of Dr Wonderlich

Images courtesy of Dr Wonderlich