Revolutionize Your Imaging: Intraoral Camera for Sidexis 4/XG

Sidesis XG Intraoral Camera

Sidexis XG Intraoral Camera Integration

Integrating Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera with Sidexis Imaging Software

Lensiora Intraoral Camera recognizes Sidexis 4 when is installed and provides a direct integration with it, allowing images to be captured with a click of a button.

Enhance your dental practice with the Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera, fully compatible with Sidexis 4 Imaging Software.

Our state-of-the-art camera simplifies image capturing, allowing direct integration with Sidexis 4. With no need for a foot pedal or mouse, images are captured efficiently with a single button click.

Experience the Lensiora advantage with our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring full compatibility with your imaging software or your money back.

Software License

Each camera includes a software license for two computers which means you can install the software on two systems and move the camera from one to another.

Lensiora Intraoral Camera Specs

Guaranteed to WORK with your Imaging Software or your money back!

Stop wasting your time with sub-par equipment, and discover the Lensiora advantage!