Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lensiora FDA Registered?

Intraoral Cameras are classified as Medical Devices by the Food and Drug Administration.

Lensiora is registered with both FDA and CDPH.

That means you can rest assured we follow the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices) in addition to providing stellar customer service!

Does it work with a Foot Pedal?

Lensiora Intraoral Cameras have been engineered to not require a foot pedal. The capture buttons placed on the camera will start the Video stream and take snapshots without having to use the computer mouse or a foot pedal.

However, if you prefer using a foot pedal, please note that the Lensiora Software does support USB foot pedals and if one is available, it will be recognized and used.

Lensiora supports foot pedals with one, two or three switches and can be configured as to what action should be performed for each pedal.

Is my Imaging Software supported?

Lensiora Intraoral Camera supports ALL Dental Imaging solutions.

For reference here is a list of the most common ones used by our customers:

Software Name
Adstra Adstra Imaging
Acteon Imaging Suite
All TWAIN Clients
CADI Imaging
CareStream Imaging
CDM Dental
Centaur Media
Curve Dental
DBSWIN Imaging Software
Dental For Windows
Dental Studio Plus
Dentrix Ascend
Dentrix Image
Dolphin Imaging
Easy Dent Imaging
Easy Dental
EXACT Dental Examine Pro
Gendex VixWin
Image XL
Kodak KDI
MediaDent Imaging
Oasis Dental
One View
Patient Gallery
Patterson Imaging
Power Practice
Quick Vision
Romexis Planmeca
Schick CDR
SFD – Systems for Dentists
Sidexis 4
Sidexis XG
Software of Excellence
Sota Imaging
Tracker for Dentists
Villa Owandy
XL Dent
X-Ray Studio
X-Ray Vision
XV Lite

My Dental Imaging Software is not listed, will Lensiora work with it?

If it supports TWAIN (scanners), yes. For some applications we have provided enhanced support where the camera’s snapshot button doesn’t only take snapshots but is also controlling the dental imaging application so you don’t have to use the mouse at all. Most dental imaging applications will be able to use the camera via the Twain driver we provide or via direct integration using Windows DirectShow Video. We are interested in hearing from you about your dental imaging application and working with you to provide support if we don’t already have it.

What is the history of Lensiora?

Lensiora started as EasyClickCam Intraoral Camera in 2009. In 2014, EasyClickCam has been upgraded with a new sensor with a higher light sensitivity and a faster processor and received a new name: Lensiora

Is this a wireless Intraoral Camera?

No, Lensiora is a wired camera, which means you will need to have a computer with a USB 2.0 port (or a laptop) near the chair. Camera comes with a 8 ft long USB 2.0 cable and longer ones can be used if needed. Please be noted that wireless cameras may cause interference and image quality will never be as good as that of wired cameras.

How is Lensiora different?

Besides the fact that the image quality is simply outstanding, our proprietary software does a few things that no other camera on the market can do. In Eaglesoft, Schick DICOM, Dentrix and many other dental imaging applications it not only configuring the dental imaging application to see the camera and select it (compare this with the 20 step installation procedure for other cameras), but after is configured it will do a few things that will save you a ton of time in the long run. Clicking one single button on the camera, while in the patient chart, it will launch the dental imaging module and display the video stream. Subsequent clicks will take snapshots and save them in the patient chart! No need to use the mouse saving the doctor or hygienist valuable time.

What is your return policy?

We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our product, call us in 30 days to inform us on the intent to return it and you will receive a full product refund upon us receiving it. There are no restocking fees being charged. Camera has to be physically intact with all accessories. Please contact us for an RMA number prior to shipping the camera.

On how many computers can I install it?

Each camera includes a software license for two computers which means you can install the software on two PCs and move the camera from one to another. One example would be an office with two operatories, each operatory having its own computer and screen. One camera could have the software installed and used on both computers without needing an additional license.

In a case where the office has 4 operatories, two cameras would be needed to satisfy the licensing requirement. Alternatively, one camera can be purchased (which includes two licenses) and an additional license for two PCs can be added at the time of purchase bringing the total to four. In this case the software can be installed on 4 computers and camera can be moved from one to another.

However, most of our customers realize that given how affordable Lensiora is, one camera per operatory makes a lot of sense considering the time spent removing, moving and inserting the camera in a different room.

I am not computer savvy at all. Is this for me?

You don’t need to “know” computers to be able install the Lensiora camera. Plug it in, wait for the automatic installation to complete and then install the Lensiora software.

If you stumble, we are only one phone call away.

I don’t have any Dental Imaging software. Will it work?

Yes, it will work. Our camera includes software which allows you to see the video image and capture and save either the video file or snapshots (JPEG, BMP or TiFF) from it to disk.

It also works inside Photoshop, Picasa and many other image applications with TWAIN support.

Will it work on Windows 64-bit?

Lensiora Intraoral Camera works on all operating systems 32-bit or 64-bit from Windows XP Service Pack 2 to the latest Windows version.

If we upgrade our computers, will we have to buy all new licenses?

No, your licenses will NEVER expire or become invalid. We will help you migrate to new computers.

If we start out with the two licenses, can we purchase additional licenses at a later date?

Absolutely. We do sell license packs (without cameras) to existing customers.