Intraoral Camera for Eaglesoft or Patterson Imaging

Lensiora Intraoral Camera fully integrates with Eaglesoft Imaging and Patterson Imaging, sending image snapshots directly into your patient’s chart.


Did you know?

Starting with Lensiora version 6.0.10 (released Oct 2019), Eaglesoft integration has a received a new TWAIN mode which has some important advantages over the Video Mode. In TWAIN mode, you can utilize the higher resolutions (up to 1600×1200 pixels) which were not possible before though the native Eaglesoft Video Mode.

In addition, you can also preview, delete and replace the shots before importing them into the chart. Going forward, TWAIN will be the recommended way of using an lensiora Intraoral Camera in Eaglesoft/Patterson Imaging.

Lensiora Unique Integration

Lensiora software will make the necessary changes to Eaglesoft and configure it to use the camera at its optimum settings.

Before starting the exam, clicking the snapshot button will even launch the Imaging Application! No other Intraoral camera on the market can do this.
With your patient chart on screen, pick up the camera and start taking snapshots by only using the buttons conveniently placed on the camera.

Once the Imaging window is open, click the Snapshot button on the camera to take snapshots and save them into patient’s chart. You can also press F10 to go in Full Screen mode and back.

It can’t get any easier than this!

Save mouse clicks, save time!

Software License

Each camera includes a software license for two computers which means you can install the software on two systems and move the camera from one to another.

Want to know more?

Guaranteed to WORK with your Imaging Software or your money back!

Stop wasting your time with sub-par equipment, and discover the Lensiora advantage!