Dexis Imaging Intraoral Camera

Lensiora Intraoral Camera fully integrates with Dexis Imaging version 8, 9 and higher sending image snapshots directly into your patient’s chart.

Did you know?

Before starting the exam, clicking the snapshot button will even launch the Imaging Application! No other Intraoral camera on the market can do this.
With your patient chart on screen, pick up the camera and start taking snapshots by only using the button conveniently placed on the camera.

Save mouse clicks, save time!

Dexis Intraoral Camera – Perfect Integration

Lensiora can be configured to launch either the Live Video viewer or our custom TWAIN driver with multi-snapshot, full-screen and review capabilities. (Lensiora TWAIN module is recommended for Dexis 8 and 9)

To select which one you want to launch, right click the Lensiora icon in the system tray, click Status and click on Plugin Options where you can select one of the following: Open Video Capture or Open Lensiora TWAIN. From that point on, your selection will be remembered, and clicking the multifunction button on the camera’s body will launch your chosen module.

Subsequent clicks will start the Video stream and take snapshots.

If you are using the the Lensiora module, before importing images, review them and delete those you wish to discard. To review one image place your mouse cursor over its thumbnail in the image list, located on the right. To delete the image, click on the small trash can icon that appears on the image, or select the image and click the delete button.

When done, click the Get Images button to import all the images into your patient’s chart.

If you are using the DexVideo module, clicking the snapshot button will save the current image directly into patient’s chart.

Watch the different ways Lensiora integrates with Dexis

Software License

Each camera includes a software license for two computers which means you can install the software on two systems and move the camera from one to another.

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Guaranteed to WORK with your Imaging Software or your money back!

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