Dental Advisor reviews the new Lensiora HD!


We recently received the Lensiora Camera (Lensiora), here at the Dental Advisor.

According to the manufacturers this camera is capable of displaying video and capturing images at the
highest resolution currently available on the market: 1600 by 1200 pixels with outstanding image quality.

This camera is very affordable at up to 4x’s less than cameras with similar image quality!

Additionally, they claim that their proprietary software does a few things that no other camera on the market can do.
In Eaglesoft, Schick DICOM, Dentrix and many other dental imaging applications it configures the dental
imaging application to see the camera and select it (compared to up to 20 step installation procedures for other cameras).

Clicking one single button on the camera, while in the patient chart, it will launch the dental imaging module
and display the video stream. Subsequent clicks will take snapshots and save them in the patient chart with
no need to use the mouse, which saves valuable chair time.

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