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Intraoral Camera: Small Investment, Big Reward

It is well known that everybody who choses to be in the medical profession has a noble reason behind their decision. They want to help people and make a difference for the better in their patients’ lives. Dentists are no exception. it possible to educate the patient during and after the examination They start their profession with noble ideals, ready to change lives one smile at a time. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is a rather difficult task to make patients aware of their... Read more

Top 3 Reasons To Use Intraoral Cameras

Gone were the days whereas a dentist you can simply tell your patients what was wrong and what you need to do to fix their dental woes. Today, thanks to the rise in technology, patients do a quick Google search and come to the office with their solutions, even if they don’t really understand the issue. As a dentist, this can be challenging. Thankfully, technology has also provided an answer: the dental intraoral camera. These are the top 3 reasons why all modern day dentists... Read more

A Dentist’s Perspective on Intraoral Cameras

Remember graduation day from dental school? You were on top of the world, head full of ideals, ready to start changing people’s lives one smile at the time. All you had to do was tell them what they need and they will follow your advice. Right? After all, it only took 8 years to get this degree, you were an expert in the matter. Fast forward a few years later and you’ve realized by now that is not as easy as you thought it would... Read more

How to clean an Intraoral Camera

Proper Cleaning on an Intraoral Camera Every aspect of infection control is important in a dentist’s office, but so is protecting and preserving the expensive tools necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment. After all, a craftsman, even one whose craft is health, is only as good as his tools. The intraoral dental camera presents a unique set of challenges to the dentist. The camera is exposed to patients saliva and blood, making it a potentially a prime source of contamination that must be treated as... Read more

Autofocus Intraoral Cameras – How They Work

Autofocusing Intraoral Cameras Sometimes, a new product hits the market and while the salesman is gung-ho about its features and capabilities, the consumer is more ho-hum. Generally that’s because the so-called improvements are hard to notice or have almost no impact on the way the product is going to be used. Improvements to autofocusing intraoral cameras manage to step away from the stereotype and have dentists clamoring for the new ones. In general, improvements to autofocusing technology have improved point and shoot cameras to the... Read more

How to Use an Intraoral Camera to Increase Treatment Acceptance

In order to continually provide patients with the highest level of care, dentists use many different types of devices and tools to assess the current health of their mouths and pinpoint potential trouble spots. Using an intraoral dental camera allows dentists and patients alike to see real time images of their teeth and other dental structures as well as problems such as cavities, tooth enamel fractures and more. The use of dental intraoral cameras is a painless way to see problems with the teeth and... Read more

Buying an Intraoral Camera Online

The Lensiora Intraoral camera is one of the most useful tools that dentists may need in their profession. It’s affordable and accessible for both the novice and seasoned dentist. Convenience is one of the most important considerations in designing this camera. Designers paid attention to every detail to entice customers to buy the intraoral cameras. If you want to order a camera online, here’s what you need to know about the camera and the online purchasing process. Do Your Research Of course, Lensiora hopes that... Read more

The History of Intraoral Cameras

Since photography was presented to the world by Louis J. M. Daguerre on January 7, 1839 at the Paris Academy of Sciences, there was the idea of using it for objectively reproducing and recording visual dental images. It was Alexander S. Wolcott, who manufactured dental instruments in New York, who, later in 1839, patented the first camera from Daguerre’s concept. These first dental intraoral cameras were cumbersome and required a large amount of space in the dental office. The intra oral camera price was also... Read more

The State of the Art Digital Dental Office – This is the Equipment and Set Up You Need

We are living in an amazing age of technology. Advances continue to be made almost every day in many different fields. The dental field has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of massive technological advances over the past 20 years. There is no question that the level of technology available to dentists today gives them the ability to provide an amazing level of care to their patients. However, if dentists want to give their patients the highest level of care that is currently available, they... Read more